Today, I finally managed to setup the supercritical equipment back in the drug delivery lab (Prof Wang), though I had to use another location within the lab. Many working in the supercritical CO2 research would understand that the research is actually quite physically demanding. We need to handle CO2 cylinders, stainless steel pressure vessels (weighing 10-20 or more kg), using a range of spanners to open and tighten bolts and fittings. And so I admit that sometimes I procrastinate. I’m no longer as young and strong as before. My knees hurt and my back hurts.

sc equipment 2

Today i managed to put the parts of the setup together so that I can start running my experiments again! Amidst all the other pain that I’m currently feeling as a result of my half marathon yesterday, I learnt that to reach your target, you need to move on. Any step forward is better than staying where you are. If you slow down or stop, the pain is not going to go away on its own also. 

Earlier this year, when I was looking for a change in my professional environment, one of my worries was that I will be supercritical girl no more. I am grateful that today, I am still hanging on, being able to do the things I am passionate about. Looking forward to continue my supercritical CO2 research and to develop my own course on the technology and other green chemical engineering processes in the near future!

Supercritical CO2: With great properties, come great opportunities!

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