In our earlier chapter on the application of supercritical CO2 for microencapsulation, we have described the mechanism of using Supercritical Antisolvent Method (SAS) for co-precipitation of biopolymers and drugs to achieve controlled drug delivery systems. Such applications have great potential in development of sustained drug formulations that can more efficiently deliver the right dose of medication to the patient over a prolonged period, therefore enhancing patient’s overall quality of life and medical treatment.

Besides applications in pharmaceutical products, supercritical girl is actually very interested in further development of Captain Encapsulation’s capabilities to serve the food and nutraceutical industry, especially the local industries and also for Traditional Chinese Medicinal (TCM) ingredients. Mainly looking at thermally labile, or high anti-oxidation content ingredients and methods to process food-grade encapsulating materials with minimal or zero usage of harmful solvents to create safer, better functionality, hopefully cheaper food ingredients that serve to provide health benefits to consumers.


In the recent Food Science and Technology Conference organized by Nanyang Polytechnic in Conjunction with UCDavis and Jiangnan University, Supercritical Girl presented a poster highlighting part of the work with students from National University of Singapore (NUS) about Supercritical carbon dioxide processing for food and ingredient micronization and microencapsulation applications. It was a very insightful event and supercritical girl made a few new friends and met up with some interested collaborators.

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