Carbon dioxide is all around us! While it has been widely regarded as a problem to the environment and largely responsible for climate change, there is actually another lesser known side to CO2.


Carbon dioxide is one of the most commonly utilized supercritical fluid in the industry. The supercritical state is one in which the fluid exists above its critical temperature and pressure. For CO2, the critical point is 31.1 degC and 73.8bar. The low critical temperature of CO2 allows processes to be developed at mild temperatures (e.g. at 35 degC).

So how exactly can CO2 be a Superhero? Firstly,  we are all familiar with the geeky, spectacled young man who rushes into a phone booth and turns into a superhero. Well, CO2 enters a high pressure chamber as a normal fluid and in a short time after reaching it’s critical conditions,  turns into a supercritical fluid!


To find out more about how the supercritical properties can be used to provide sustainability, improve product quality AND in turn save you some money$$, stay tuned for more updates.

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